Wellesley Woodlands comprise 110 hectares of woodlands, wildlife habitats and lakes interlinked by footpaths and canal-side walks.

These former MoD woodlands are divided into two main areas, Dukes Wood to the west and Lake and Canal Side to the east. Separate from these areas, to the south of Thornhill Road, are two smaller woodlands Thorn Hill and Heather Hill. This large and easily accessible natural greenspace provides plenty of opportunities to explore, enjoy and share in the rich diversity of the local Wellesley countryside.

Wellesley Woodlands is a great place to get outdoors and enjoy the physical and mental wellbeing benefits that green spaces can bring. Check out our guides to plan your walk
Looking for a fun activity for all the family? Why don’t you have a go at our Go Wild Challenge and learn more about the history of the Woodlands and the nature and wildlife that call it home.

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