Welcome to Wellesley Woodlands

Wellesley Woodlands comprise 110 hectares of woodlands, wildlife habitats and lakes interlinked by footpaths and canal-side walks. These former MoD woodlands are divided into two main areas, Dukes Wood to the west and Lake and Canal Side to the east. Separate from these areas, to the south of Thornhill Road, are two smaller woodlands Thorn Hill and Heather Hill (opening soon). This large and easily accessible natural greenspace provides plenty of opportunities to explore, enjoy and share in the rich diversity of the local Wellesley countryside.

This natural open green space forms part of Wellesley, a major Wellesley housing development delivered by Grainger plc, which will see 3,850 new homes built in the area, along with two new primary schools and the refurbishment of six listed buildings.

Sited on what was formerly training grounds for the Ministry of Defence’s Aldershot Garrison, Wellesley Woodlands has been taken over by a national land management charity, the Land Trust, which has appointed Blackwater Valley Countryside Partnership to manage the site on its behalf.

The combined expertise of these organisations forms a natural partnership for the creation, long-term management and sustainability of Wellesley Woodlands.

In delivering the Wellesley Woodlands, this natural partnership will create a new landmark asset for Aldershot.