The woodlands cover 110 hectares across Duke’s Wood, Canal and Lakeside, Heather Hill and Thorn Hill. Each of these areas is distinctive and linked via a network of footpaths.

If you’re visiting from outside the area, we’re close to Aldershot train station, have several car parking areas, and are easily accessible from across the Home Counties

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Brass Rubbings Trail

We have recently installed a brass rubbings trail at Wellesley Woodlands. Follow the trail to discover some of the nature and heritage and use a wax crayon to take a rubbing of each plaque. There are 18 to find.

Download your trail map here.

Go Wild Challenge

If you are looking for some fun activities for all the family why don’t you have a go at our Go Wild Challenge which include a range of activities at Wellesley Woodlands. There are four sheets available which are available to download below:

Birch Trail

Chestnut Trail

Plane Trail

Sycamore Trail

Walking Guides

We have created a series of walking guides, available to download as PDF or pick up from the BVCP Rangers and the Grainger office at Smith Dorrien House.

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All routes are clearly marked with wooden posts.


Are you interested in orienteering? If so we have created two maps that can be downloaded and used. The maps are available  below.

Map 1

Map 2

Duke’s Wood

This spectacular mosaic of woodland and other habitat has been used for military training for many years and alongside the wildlife you may spot reminders of its former use.

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Lake and Canal Side

Along the canal and around the lake you’ll discover all kinds of wetland wildlife, as well as remnants of an old military assault course.

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Heather Hill and Thorn Hill

The hills are perfect places for a wander and home to a wide variety of plants and animals.

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