Key Facts

New Gate installed in Wellesley Woodlands

14 Mar 2018

Last week our Wellesley team headed out to replace a large vehicle gate in Rushmoor Bottom behind the Wellington Monument.

Unfortunately the original gate bordering the MoD training area had been damaged by vandalism.

The team's shared Massey Tractor worked with alacrity, lifting up the old gate fragments to load onto the trailer.

The new sturdier gate leaves were transported more carefully with strops.

Senior ranger Stuart Croft commented:

"Hanging the heavy gate leaves was an interesting team challenge, with lots of creative ideas. I’m very pleased to say that both new bespoke gate leaves hung correctly, to fit the existing metal posts. Finally Stu and Sam dug in sockets into the tarmac to anchor the locked drop-posts. The new construction is much stronger and looks fantastic. Thank you to Stu, Sam and Jenny."