Key Facts


25/26 July       Forest School’s Event (contact

26 July               Volunteering opportunity

1/2 August       Forest School’s Event (contact

31 July               Scavenger Hunt

9 August           Volunteering opportunity

10 August         Small Mammal Trapping (book your place here)

14 August          Orienteering

23 August          Brass Rubbing Trail Launch

23 August         Volunteering opportunity

1 September    Bioblitz

4 September    Volunteering opportunity

6 September    Volunteering opportunity

20 September  Volunteering opportunity

4 October         Volunteering opportunity

13 October        Schnauzerfest

14 October        Wellesley 10K (Run)

18 October       Volunteering opportunity

27 October       Family Tree Walk

31 October       Spooky Halloween activities TBC!!

1 November    Volunteering opportunity

15 November  Volunteering opportunity

24 November  National Tree Week Walk

29 November  Volunteering opportunity

13 December   Volunteering opportunity

19 December   Wreath making

27 December   Volunteering opportunity

If you would like more information on these events or are interested in running an activity at Wellesley Woodlands please contact the team at or 01252 331 353.


National Tree Week Ramble - Wellesley Woodlands
24 Nov 2018 at 10:00
Join us for a ramble around Wellesley Woodlands in celebration of National Tree Week. ...
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